Prayer Concerns

Prayer Requests of Harbor United Methodist Church ~ August 24, 2021

Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving: Abide in me. ⁎ Prayers of gratitude that Hurricane Henri caused minimal damage locally. ⁎ Thank you for travel mercies for the Sharpe and White Family as they travel to Greenport, Long Island. ⁎ Mary Sheehan is grateful for her trip to Lake George, NY which was very restful. Beautiful scenery. ⁎ Congratulations again to Colleen Ford who received her M.S. CF-SLP (Masters in Speech Language Pathology) from Baylor University! ⁎ Next Sunday we will bid farewell to our dynamic musical duo, Mijin and Robert, who have delighted us every week with
their heavenly voices and artistry. Thank you so much and Godspeed! ⁎ Happy Birthday to: Donald O’Keefe 8/20, Colleen Ford 8/21, Linda Ross 8/25, Nick Faoro 8/27, Gray Longman 8/30, Shirley Lynam 8/31. ⁎ The lovely altar flowers from both Nancy A’s, Dianne, Emily, Lisa and Mary Sheehan have brightened the sanctuary on summer Sundays. Thank you! We’re also enjoying the coffee / nosh fellowship.

Prayers for healing, strength, comfort and courage for all who are fighting cancer:
Prayers for Sue’s brother, Earle Bearce, who’s at South Shore Hospital, as they search for VA care.
For Frank’s dear friend Troy whose condition is better, following 8 rounds of chemotherapy. Some tumors have shrunk, but others have appeared. The silver lining is that he’s moved in with his ex-wife to take the pressure off the kids, and they’re enjoying each other which is really lovely, since they’re both great people. Keep the prayers coming!!!
For Mike Bruccoleri’s cousin Terri who has been diagnosed with cancer. Prayers for her please. For Nancy’s cousin’s husband Nicholas Mouw (brain tumor) is improved, thank God.
Prayers for Lisa’s friend Bill who had surgery to remove kidney cancer (they think that they removed all of the cancer). He’s been struggling with MS and now he has kidney cancer.
Prayers for Lee Harm’s dad, Harry, who’s fighting cancer.
For David A. Wheelwright. ⁎ Audrey Wheeler ⁎ Bradley ⁎ Ellen Hayes Prayers
for Mike and Jim. ⁎ Siobhan ⁎ Wendy
Prayers for John Rielly, still in treatment. ⁎ Barbara Crowley ⁎ Stacy Hughes
Prayers for Paula Higgins ⁎ Dennis Clifford ⁎ Cindy McCall ⁎ Brian
Prayers for Lori Mahoney, inoperable thyroid cancer. ⁎ Erin, breast cancer
For Laura who’s begun new treatment. Prayers for success with few side effects.
For Kimberley Ann Stieglitz, colon cancer. ⁎ For Dr. Anne-Marie Fields, N+A’s niece.

Prayers of the People:
John Curran and Family, as his wife has been diagnosed with dementia. (They are a young family, a
key role in the Centro de Protesis mission.) For discernment for Pastor Mike and the Recovery Church conference in Nashville which has been re-scheduled. Health concerns take precedence. We look forward to their holding their services in our Sanctuary on Tuesday nights 7-8:30, starting in October, as the need is great. Ellen Hope Bluestone, Chris and Will Faoro’s maternal grandmother, died in hospice August 11, “…surrounded by her three children and the spiritual presence of loving friends and family.” Prayers please for the entire family, including Nancy and Anthony.
Mike and Alice’s grandson Walker is facing a long recovery, still on plain liquids, and is in considerable pain. Please continue prayers of complete healing. For Wally’s family and friends in Alabama and Georgia. Thank God that Joy is doing better! For Bill Wood who’s been dealing with a persistent UTI which has derailed his plans to visit us.
For JP Lazcano who suffered a pulmonary embolism in early March. Michele reports that, “He’s still in rehab care being treated for a Traumatic Brain Injury.” For Ann’s cousin Judy who’s searching for “a way through,” following her son Scott’s death at 59. For Carol Spahn who’s dealing with physical difficulties (feet and rotator cuff) and family issues.
May the physical therapy provide relief. And may reason, love and peace prevail in their family. For Francina who’s in PT for shoulder pain ~ hoping to avoid rotator cuff surgery. For Bill and Debby Zenallis in Georgia, friends of Robin and Steve Smith’s: Prayers needed after Bill (75) was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia and is in a mental hospital. Strength. For Jen who’s awaiting a liver transplant. ⁎ For Helen in treatment for substance dependency. For Rich Lynam who’s in need of many prayers. ⁎ Healing for Donna ⁎ Jean ~ depression Prayers for the Longman family, for Pastor Chris as she leads and grows. ⁎ Dick V.

Please continue to keep the following in your prayers for healing and strength as they continue to
recover at home or in a facility:
Carolyn Bearce, Walker Hamer, Meredith, Fran Davies, Alice,
Kitsy Shedd, Barbara, Beatriz Hurwitch, and Wendy Murphy.

For all in nursing care: Joe Casey, Peggy’s sister Claire, and all others. ⁎ Please bless those
in nursing care with comfort and peace. Grant that their caregivers are kind, compassionate, and
very well trained.

Prayers for the marginalized youth in our country who fall into human trafficking. Prayers for all
of our service men and women wherever they are serving, for safety and a safe return home to their
Prayers for all teachers and students as they have begun summer vacation. Prayers for those with
lingering effects from COVID or the vaccinations.
Prayers for our church family, the larger community and the United Methodist Church.
Prayers for those concerns we hold deep in our hearts, unsaid and even unknown…