Prayer Concerns

Prayer Requests of Harbor United Methodist Church ~ December 27, 2021

Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving: Advent Wreath readings and the lighting of the candles of Hope / Love / Joy / and Peace, the lovely Chrismons-decorated tree (thank you, John and Mary Ellen Ross), the messages of home, white poinsettias and greens ~ the Sanctuary has been a source of physical and spiritual comfort, especially this year. ⁎ Welcome especially to Alice whose stay at Harbor House Rehab was relatively short (perhaps not so much for Mike, whose daily trips up there prompted the staff to remark how “devoted they are to each other.”) It was wonderful to have them in church with us. ⁎ More prayers of thankfulness that Pastor Chris is progressing after suffering a “stubborn concussion” and is currently out of the office. ⁎ Alan McCall, Certified Lay Servant of St. Nicholas Church in Hull, in an earlier sermon, spoke to us of obstructed views and plans deferred, slowing down for unexpected opportunities in our busy world. Join us this Sunday and hear more of “The Sermonator’s” unique perspective. ⁎ Prayers for the Family of Hope Crowell who died peacefully at 93 years of age. Visiting hours will be this Wednesday from 9-10:30am at Richardson Gaffey Funeral Home. ⁎ Congratulations to Andrea and Austin on the birth today of their daughter Maisy Rita Glass! ⁎ Pastor Mike’s Recovery Church services (Tuesday 7-8:30pm) continue to reach out to the community. ⁎ Many thanks to Laura Amweg who vocally lifted our prayers during the Christmas Eve service (as well as the 26th) with her beautiful accompaniment to Corey’s inspirational piano playing and singing. It was wonderful to meet Corey’s mom who was visiting from North Carolina, as well as Nancy and Bob Amweg who support their daughter Laura. Pure Love.
Happy Birthday to: Noreen 12/27, Dan Spahn 12/31, Carly Longman 1/5, Stephen Sullivan 1/6, Christopher Faoro 1/7. ⁎ God is good! All the time!

Prayers for healing, strength, comfort and courage for all who are fighting cancer:
Prayers for Devin’s wife who’s been diagnosed with tongue cancer.
Prayers for Sue and Cindy’s brother, Earle Bearce, that he’s in less pain.
For Frank’s dear friend Troy who is battling cancer. ⁎ John, esophageal cancer
For Mike Bruccoleri’s cousin Terri who has been diagnosed with cancer. Prayers for her please.
For Nancy’s cousin’s husband Nicholas Mouw (brain tumor) is improved, thank God.
Prayers for Lisa’s friend Bill who had surgery to remove kidney cancer (they think that they removed
all of the cancer). He’s been struggling with MS and now he has kidney cancer.
Prayers for Lee Harm’s dad, Harry. ⁎ Mary Ellen Rodrigues, Nancy’s neighbor
For David A. Wheelwright. ⁎ Audrey Wheeler ⁎ Bradley ⁎ Ellen Hayes
Prayers for Mike and Jim. ⁎ Siobhan ⁎ Wendy
Prayers for John Rielly, still in treatment. ⁎ Barbara Crowley ⁎ Stacy Hughes
Prayers for Paula Higgins ⁎ Dennis Clifford ⁎ Cindy McCall ⁎ Brian
Prayers for Lori Mahoney, inoperable thyroid cancer. ⁎ Erin, breast cancer
For Laura who’s begun new treatment. Prayers for success with few side effects.
For Kimberley Ann Stieglitz, colon cancer. ⁎ For Dr. Anne-Marie Fields, N+A’s niece.

Prayers of the People:
Pastor Chris is observing concussion protocol as she takes a breather to recover. Prayers please.

Prayers for Mike and Alice, as they adjust to necessary home therapies.
Please keep Ian White in your prayers on Wednesday, for surgery to repair a badly-torn rotator
cuff. Prayers for the skilled hands of Dr. Owen McConville.
Travel mercies for Nan and Bob as they visit friends in North Carolina.
Prayers that relief for Liz’s debilitating back pain comes quickly with a treatment plan in place.
For Ann’s friend Marsha for relief from chronic back pain. Prayers for discernment with a pain
management plan that works or really major surgery.
Prayers for the congregation of the Mayfield (Western Kentucky) First UMC whose church was
destroyed by the EF4 tornado that swept through on December 10th.
For a happy, healthy pregnancy and birth for a friend of Shirley’s.
For Ed’s full recovery following a bike accident, from Sue. Prayers for Dick V.
Mike and Alice’s grandson Walker has had a setback and is back on liquids and soft foods.
Prayers for Thomas with health and emotional issues. Strength for his family who loves him dearly.
Prayers for caregiver Terry C. as he ministers to his father’s health concerns.
For Peter Burrows. For Rick after a car accident. For Helen ~ dependency.
Laura and Mary Jane ~ for restoration of good health. ⁎ Healing for Donna.
Prayers for pain relief for Liz’s 68-y.o. brother-in-law Paul and Liz’s sister Mary who’s struggling in
caring for him. Travel mercies for Christine and Ron as they spend winter in Hilton Head, SC.
For Ann’s nephew, Rev. Michael McIntire, new Executive Director at the Hope Center, East
Hollywood, CA to build a recovery program.
For Carol Spahn who’s dealing with physical difficulties (feet and rotator cuff) and family issues.
May the physical therapy provide relief. And may reason, love and peace prevail in their family.
For Francina who’s in PT for shoulder pain ~ hoping to avoid rotator cuff surgery.
For Rich Lynam who’s in need of many prayers. ⁎ Jean ~ depression ⁎ For CJ, not well

Please continue to keep the following in your prayers for healing and strength as they continue to recover at home or in a facility: Sue’s knee pain, Mandy’s perforated appendix,
Fran Davies, Meredith Voelger Lynch, Alice, Barbara, Beatriz Hurwitch, and Wendy Murphy.
For all in nursing care: Joe Casey, Peggy’s sister Claire, Cathy, Marie and all others.
⁎ Please bless those in nursing care with comfort and peace. Grant that their caregivers are kind, compassionate, and very well trained.

Prayers for the marginalized youth in our country who fall into human trafficking.
Prayers for all of our service men and women wherever they are serving, for safety and
a safe return home to their families.
Prayers for those with lingering effects from COVID or the vaccinations.
Prayers for our church family, the larger community and the United Methodist Church.
Prayers for those concerns we hold deep in our hearts, unsaid and even unknown…