Prayer Concerns

Current Prayer Requests of Harbor United Methodist Church

Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving: ⁎ From Pastor Chris: Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ: It is with great sadness I share that our beloved music director, Corey Everly’s last day will be this Sunday, September 4. He has been offered an amazing opportunity to run the choir and drama department at a private high school in Newton. Please join us at a small thank you / send off for Corey to be celebrated during coffee hour on Sunday. Please bring some breakfast food to share.
⁎ Thank you for an excellent summer of mission and community outreach in the First Friday Fish Fry evenings and our always well-attended Pie Social on August 5th. Merriment filled the humid air celebrating Sue Lovering’s 60th Birthday with a huge downpour to temporarily alleviate the summer drought. THANK YOU to our home-grown helpers, baking, setting up, cutting, cleaning up, and eating delicious pies in this long-standing enjoyable evening. ⁎ Thanks again to Alan McCall, Certified Lay Servant, for an excellent message on August 14th (FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real). We also enjoyed our guest musician, Adebola Ola. ⁎ Gretchen has moved into her dorm at UVM (University of the Verte Mountains) in Burlington, VT. Cheers and good luck! ⁎ Looking forward to the next First Friday Fish Fry on Sept. 2 from 6-8 pm with live music provided by Five-Even. Providing the fish ~ Thank you to Mullaney’s Harborside, F/V Miss Emily and South Shore Seafood Development. Proceeds directed to Centro de Protesis, a Christian non-profit organization providing prosthetic legs and arms to amputees, as well as counseling. Please consider making brownies or cookies, as folks enjoy our baked goodies. Drop off at church anytime Friday. ⁎ NEW Bible Study on Thursdays at 10:30am is a stand-alone study, so please invite friends and neighbors as we explore scripture together! Conversations at the Cross will resume on Wednesday 9/28 for 6 weeks. ⁎ It was nice to see Rev. Stan and Judy Culy in worship. He officiated Ruthee Burris’s remembrance service. ⁎ That Anthony’s extreme leg pain has been relieved with PT. ⁎ That Jane’s sister in TN is feeling better.
⁎ Inga had a wonderful 2-week 4H camp experience! ⁎ For garden bounty from Jen Sabir, thanks!
Faith is the crumbling of pride. ⁎ Per Shirley, baby Scarlet Taylor Rose is just fine! ⁎ Prayers DO work ~ Liz Watson’s back surgery went very well, and she’s free from pain after 7 months. Praise God! She’s walking daily and has finally started physical therapy. “Moving again has been so great!”
⁎ The Rolling Wave collection bin is full most every day! Sue can always use help 9-12 M-F sorting and boxing up the items in the nursery. ⁎ Answered prayers for travel mercies, as so many folks were visiting friends and family this summer.

Happy Birthday (belated but heartfelt)
to: Falon Sweeney 8/5, Susan Lovering 8/5, Susan Rosen 8/8, Mary Bearce 8/12 (and wedding anniversary), Paula Leslie 8/14 (104), Donald O’Keefe 8/20, Colleen Ford 8/21, Linda Ross 8/25, Nick Faoro 8/27, Grace Longman 8/30, Shirley Lynam 8/31, Andrew Ford 9/12, Estelle Passeri 9/17, John Ryan 9/19, Julie O’Keefe 9/28, Ethel Brown 9/29. Happy Anniversary: Nancy and Anthony Antoniello 8/17. ⁎ God is good! All the time!

Prayers for healing, strength, comfort and courage for all who are fighting cancer:
Prayers for Wayne’s brother Gary who needs additional surgery. ⁎ John, esophageal cancer
Prayers for Bob in hospice care. ⁎ For Kimberley Ann Stieglitz, colon cancer.
Prayers for Devin’s wife who’s being treated for tongue cancer. David Terry Jr, 52 ~ oral cancer, FL
For Frank’s dear friend Troy who is living with cancer and sadly was too ill to visit here.
For Mike Bruccoleri’s cousin Terri who has been diagnosed with cancer. Prayers for her please.
Prayers for Lee Harm’s dad, Harry. ⁎ Mary Ellen Rodrigues, Nancy’s neighbor
For David A. Wheelwright. ⁎ Audrey Wheeler ⁎ Bradley ⁎ Ellen Hayes
Prayers for Mike and Jim. ⁎ Siobhan ⁎ Wendy ⁎ Cindy McCall
Prayers for John Rielly, still in treatment. ⁎ Barbara Crowley ⁎ Stacy Hughes
Prayers for Paula Higgins ⁎ Brian ⁎ Frank Schigg who’s returned (home) from FL.
Prayers for Lori Mahoney, inoperable thyroid cancer. ⁎ Erin, breast cancer
For Laura who’s living with metastatic breast cancer. Prayers for continued strength and positivity.

Prayers of the People:
Prayers for Alice Hamer who fell badly, requiring an ambulance ride to SSH and 8 stitches above her
eye, as well as 5 days observation there. She’s been transferred to the Harbor House Rehabilitation
and Nursing Center, Room 127B, 11 Condito Road, Hingham, MA 02043 (cards please).
By coincidence, John Ross (dehydration, etc.) had been in the room next to Alice at SSH. He too has
now been transferred to Harbor House Rehab (cards please).
Prayers for Ann’s friend Amy Shaw who was in a bike accident, requiring several days at SSH for a
broken clavicle, small brain bleed, mild concussion, much bruising and abrasions. DH Chuck was
also involved. Now at home, prayers for relief from pain, as well as speedy and thorough healing.
Prayers for Donna’s husband Bill who’s recovering from a stroke. ⁎ Nan ~ kidney failure
Prayers of comfort and peace for Christy and husband following a pregnancy loss.
Remembering Jim Young, appliance repair, who passed away. Prayers for Jean and Family.
Prayers for Elaine Ray in Alabama ~ successful open heart surgery, home for 2 days, followed by
Severe sepsis and back to the hospital. She’s now home, doing well. Continued good progress.
For Rita Walsh’s daughter with liver issues. ⁎ Prayers for Jack H. with gall bladder issues.
For Mary Sheehan’s sister Pat whose health is concerning. ⁎ For Carol Spahn’s friend Claudia
Prayers for Frank’s mom, Grace Mary, in Florida, to build up her strength.
For Pastor Chris’s friend Liz Ennis’s husband Chip who’s suffering from congestive heart failure.
He was in the hospital last month, as the stents didn’t work as intended. Testing is on-going.
Prayers please for Pastor Mike and his wife Carol. ⁎ For Tom Lenehan living with Parkinson’s.
From Barbara ~ prayers for friend Nila in Santa Barbara (under the care of a pulmonary specialist),
as well as Barbara’s daughter-in-law’s mom Meg (under the care of an orthopedic surgeon).
Prayers for “Mimi” Boudreau, Inga’s grandma, who passed into God’s loving embrace on August 11.
From Mary whose son needs prayers with addiction issues and a brain injury.
Prayers for Lisa’s friend Linda whose 54-year old husband is failing quickly with dementia.
For Ed’s full recovery following a bike accident, from Sue. ⁎ Prayers for Dick V.
Prayers for Thomas with health and emotional issues. Strength for his family who loves him dearly.
For Peter Burrows. ⁎ For Rick after a car accident. ⁎ For Helen ~ dependency.
Laura and Mary Jane ~ for restoration of good health. ⁎ Healing for Donna.
For Jeanmarie’s dad Frank Celino (FL) who fell badly and fractured his shoulder, requiring surgery
and screws. He’ll be in rehab soon. ⁎ Jean ~ depression ⁎ Francina
For Mike Agri who’s waiting for an opening in the heart surgery schedule. ⁎ Rich Lynam

Please continue to keep the following in your prayers for healing and strength as they continue to recover at home or in a facility: Prayers for Tara, Lisa’s friend who had open heart surgery and is recovering slowly at home, Coni Wessman (von Willebrand disease), caregiver Terry C. and his father who’s recovering steadily at home, Marsha (back surgery), Susan (brain surgery), Alice Hamer, Barbara, Beatriz Hurwitch, and Wendy Murphy.

For all in nursing care: Joe Casey, Peggy’s sister Claire, Cathy, Marie and all others.
⁎ Please bless those in nursing care with comfort and peace. Grant that their caregivers are kind, compassionate, and very well trained.

Prayers for the marginalized youth in our country who fall into human trafficking.
Prayers for all of our service men and women wherever they are serving, for safety and
a safe return home to their families.
Prayers for those with lingering effects from COVID or the vaccinations.
Prayers for our church family, the larger community and the United Methodist Church.
Prayers for those concerns we hold deep in our hearts, unsaid and even unknown…


Prayers for those concerns we hold deep in our hearts, unsaid and even unknown…

Prayers for those concerns we hold deep in our hearts, unsaid and even unknown…